As CAPELL we manufacture and supply cocoa, cocoa powder, cocoa bean, chocolate, coffee, coffee bean, hazelnut, fresh hazelnut, dry nuts, shelled nuts, unshelled nuts, pistachio, shelled pistachio, unshelled pistachio, green pistachio, mawardi pistachio, saffron, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum sulphate, water treatment, pipe, steel pipe, water pipe, gas pipe, industrial pipes, scaffolding pipes, galvanized pipes, precision pipes, construction pipes, square profile, rectangular profile, construction profiles, steel plates, sheet plates, steel roll, panel fence, steel fence, steel panel fence, eurofence, fence, panel grating, platform grating, steel grating, platform floor, floor grating, grating, bay, bay leaf, laurus nobilis, linden, lime flower, lime leaf, linden tea, worm manure, vermicompost, organic fertilizer, solid fertilizer, fertilizer, red california worm fertilizer, levant, levant storax, storax, liquidambar, white aluminum oxide, sandblasting, surface roughening, surface treatment, surface preparation, surface cleaning, abrasive.... CAPELL, founded June 2016, is a new and extremely young company who aims to import of the products which are not manufactured in Turkey or not provides competitiveness in case of manufacturing in Turkey; to export of products, manufactured in Turkey which has competitive advantages; and also to provide consultancy services to the SME’s who lives difficulties to penetrate new international markets. Our prior sectors can be sort under 5 main divisions as Metal & Iron – Steel Products, Surface Treatment Products, Chemical Products, Food Products, Agriculture & Forestry Products. Each division is running by supports of experts who have long time experiences in their own fields. In this context, CAPELL essentially provide a more than 10 years of international trade experience to you.

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